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Albulidae (Bonefishes)

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Albula species a
Cortez Bonefish
About This Family
Atlantic and tropical eastern Pacific.
Marine; rarely brackish and freshwater.
Bonefishes have elongate and slightly compressed bodies with conical head, small mouth, and tiny sharp teeth in bands at front of jaws. These fishes have spineless fins and one short dorsal fin with 16-21 soft rays at mid-body. The pectoral fins are low on the body; pelvic fins are also low and close to belly. Their diet consists of benthic invertebrates. Bonefishes are world known for being highly prized, hard-fighting game fishes. The reported maximum length is 105 cm.

This family comprises of one genus, Albula, and at least three species.

References: Nelson 2006; Robertson & Allen 2008
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