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Lophiidae (Anglerfishes)

Species Currently in the DFL

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Lophiodes caulinaris
Spottedtail Goosefish
Lophiodes spilurus
Threadfin Goosefish
About This Family
Anglerfishes (also called goosefishes or monkfishes) are deep sea fishes dwelling near the bottom of the outer continental shelf and upper continental slope from 100 m to beyond 1500 m depth. These fishes have broad flattened heads and tapered bodies. The mouth is large, with a protractile upper jaw and a projecting lower jaw, both bearing numerous well-developed teeth. On top of the head are numerous spines and ridges, the anteriormost spine bearing a fleshy lure (esca).

Goosefishes often lay motionless on the bottom until a prey fish approaches. They then wriggle their lure to entice the prey within striking distance and gulp them whole. The skin aids in camouflage. Goosefishes often have a fringe of fleshy flaps on their bodies and heads, and are usually light brown in color, matching the substrate.

These fishes are noted for their impressive eggs, which are shed in long, ribbon-like veils.

This family consists of 4 genera and 35 species.

Kidneys lack glomeruli.

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