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Sphyraenidae (Barracudas)

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Sphyraena argentea
Pacific Barracuda
About This Family
Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific
Marine; tropical and subtropical
Barracudas occur circumglobally in tropical and subtropical waters. These medium size (1.8 m) fishes frequent in small to large schools, often near the edge of the reef drop offs.

They have a very elongate body, large mouth, strong teeth, and long head with a long pointed snout. Their characteristics include gill rakes absent, two widely separated dorsal fins (the first with 5 spines and the second with 1 spine and 9 soft rays), strongly developed lateral line, and a forked tail. They are silver with dark bars and an excellent food fish.

Barracudas are known to attack humans.

This family comprises only one genus, Sphyraena, with about 21 species.

References: Nelson 2006; Robertson and Allen 2009
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