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Triglidae (Searobins & Gurnards)

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Prionotus stephanophrys
Lumptail Searobin
About This Family
All tropical and temperate seas.
The sea robins are bottom-dwelling fishes of the family Triglidae, found in tropical and temperate seas of the world. They get their name from their distinct large pectoral fins, which open and close like a bird’s wings when they are swimming. Sea robins can be quite vocal, producing audible sounds with their swim bladders. They are brightly coloured, with some having ornately patterned pectoral fins.

The family’s unique physical features include absent barbells on the head and lower jaw, three lower rays are enlarged on pectoral fin for food detection, bony head, 9 or 10 branched rays on caudal fin, occasional spines on tip of snout, and seven branchiostegal rays.

The Triglidae family contains 10 genera belonging in three tribes with approximately 105 species.

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