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Dasyatidae (Whiptail stingrays)

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Himantura uarnak
Reticulate Whipray [Honeycomb Stingray]
About This Family
Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific
Marine. Brackish, freshwater, tropical to warm temperate.
Found in tropical to warm temperate coastal waters worldwide, the Whiptail rays get their name from having a long, slender whip-like tail with one or two poisonous spines. These rays have an angular to rounded, flattened disc that is 1.3 times as broad as long. Caudal fin and dorsal fin absent; eyes and spiracles originate on top of head; upper body skin is smooth and covered with tubercles.

Whiptail rays are ovoviviparous (livebearers) with fully developed young. They feed on a crabs, shrimps, worms, mollusks, and fishes.

They can reach to about 4 m length or width.

This family is comprised of six genera and 68 species.

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