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Brachaeluridae (Blind sharks)

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Brachaelurus waddi
Blind Shark
About This Family
South Pacific: east coast of Australia
Temperate and tropical continental waters
Blind sharks are small, harmless, coastal bottom sharks occurring in the east coast of Australia, depth ranging from intertidal zone to 110 m. They possess large spiracles, long nasal barbells, dorsolateral eyes, two spineless dorsal fins and an anal fin. The second dorsal fin is located well ahead of the anal. Their precaudal fin is much shorter than the head and body. Their body is somewhat cylindrical or moderately depressed and head is broad and flat, which also lacks lateral flaps of skin. These small sharks can grow to a maximum reported length of 1.3 m.

The family consists of two genera, Brachelurus and Heteroscyllium.

References: Compagno 1984; Nelson 2006
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