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Orders in this Class

Order: Acipenseriformes
(Sturgeons & Paddlefishes)

Order: Albuliformes

Order: Amiiformes

Order: Anguilliformes

Order: Argentiniformes
(Marine Smelts)

Order: Ateleopodiformes
(Jellynose Fishes)

Order: Atheriniformes

Order: Aulopiformes

Order: Batrachoidiformes

Order: Beloniformes

Order: Beryciformes
(Alfonso Squirrelfishes)

Order: Characiformes

Order: Clupeiformes
(Anchovies & Herrings)

Order: Cypriniformes

Order: Cyprinodontiformes

Order: Elopiformes

Order: Gadiformes

Order: Gasterosteiformes

Order: Gonorynchiformes
(Milkfishes & Shellears)

Order: Gymnotiformes
(American Knifefishes)

Order: Hiodontiformes

Order: Lampriformes

Order: Lepisosteiformes

Order: Lophiiformes

Order: Mugiliformes

Order: Myctophiformes

Order: Ophidiiformes

Order: Osmeriformes
(Freshwater Smelts)

Order: Osteoglossiformes

Order: Perciformes

Order: Pleuronectiformes

Order: Polymixiiformes

Order: Polypteriformes

Order: Saccopharyngiformes

Order: Salmoniformes

Order: Scorpaeniformes
(Mail-cheeked Fishes)

Order: Siluriformes

Order: Stephanoberyciformes

Order: Stomiiformes

Order: Tetraodontiformes

Order: Zeiformes

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